Effective Internships

Internship is your first job before the first job. You may be excited, you may be nervous or maybe you just want to take it easy (after all this is perhaps the last long summer/winter break that you would truly ever get! ) - whatever be your reason we would like to make it happen for you.

Our aim is to bring the concept of internship / apprenticeship to the centre stage as it is a crucial bridge in the development of our society.

At Certination, our interns work on projects that matter – and your team will rely on your skills and insights to help deliver those projects to market. You’ll get the opportunity to work on real projects and have fun along the way. This is your chance to show off your skills and work on cutting-edge technology. We offer internships in all job families and product areas. Imagine yourself as a Certination intern. Join Certination today, and help us shape the business of tomorrow.

internships we offer

Regular (In-office/On-field)

  • 20-40+ hours a week
  • Usually completed during the Summer semesters
  • Can be paid or unpaid
  • Can be for credit or non-credit

Work from home

  • 10-20 hours a week
  • Usually completed during the Fall or Spring semesters
  • Can be paid or unpaid
  • Can be for credit or non-credit
  • Advantageous for students who may already have another job or are a full time students


Externships are distinguished by their short duration. You will spend a short period of time (usually one to three weeks) observing and often working with professionals in your career field of choice. It will enable you to investigate your career field without making a long-term commitment.

"We love working with energetic and qualified interns of all types"

Do's and Don'ts


  • Do set specific goals for yourself and each internship. Know what you want to accomplish with each internship.
  • Do try and obtain at least one internship during your college years. And Do try to get multiple internships.
  • Do expect to be treated professionally. And do act professionally at all times.
  • Do utilize your network of family and friends to the fullest to get leads on internships.
  • Do try and schedule regular meetings with your internship supervisor.
  • Do get as much exposure throughout the internship organization as possible.
  • Do find a mentor within the organization, whether it's your internship supervisor or some other manager.
  • Do make sure you leave your internship with new skills, a better understanding of your field, and tangible accomplishments.
  • Do take advantage of job and career fairs to scout possible internship opportunities.
  • Do be sure you have a dynamic cover letter, a superior resume, and polished interviewing techniques.
  • Do send thank you letters to all people who interview you -- and all the people who help you find an internship.
  • Do enjoy your internship -- even when you are doing the inevitable grunt work many interns do as part of "paying your dues."
  • Do keep in touch with key coworkers from your internships -- and do cultivate them to become part of your network.


  • Don't expect all internships to be paid. We wish they all were, but many are not. And do at least consider accepting both paid and nonpaid internships; some of the best internships may not be paid.
  • Don't expect internships to just be handed to you; internships must be earned, as with any job.
  • Don't pass up opportunities to have experiences beyond the regular scope of the internship that lead to chances to learn more about the company or industry.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. And do be open to learning new skills and methodologies.
  • Don't ever give up in your internship quest. And do exhaust all possible internship leads.
  • Don't burn any bridges -- even if your internship was not the best.