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Get out and play.....everyday!

CERTINATION helps bring together the students from across the country by organising events time to time. Events promote innovative ideas and allow students to share their knowledge and ideas with other students. Attending these events give information on the different fields of study. Our purpose is to educate and empower youth by providing them with the tools and resources for success, as well as to provide a strong foundation for confidence and leadership. Our programs are effective in preparing youth professionally and preventing them from the effects of low self-esteem and negative outside influences.

Events usually provide an excellent platform to showcase all kinds of different talents ranging from arts, educational and sports to informal ones like JAM or hogging the most food in the least time. Despite what people may say, winning an event however spectacular or ridiculous gives everyone something to boost about to the world. A shiny piece of metal awarded can skyrocket one’s self-esteem. Having the sweet realization of being accepted with your amazingly weird talents makes people feel important. And if one fails to conquer that particular event; they know they were close, and next time they pounce they will be sharp as a knife and you won’t even see it coming.

Apart from the fact that you get to attend the various events according to your field of interest, including concerts, Drama, Debates, Paper presentations and whatnot, the best part if you get to attend them with your friends. What’s better than to have the bunch of your closest friends to add crazy to an already eventful day? Take as many as you want along and break a leg!

Prep for your first job!

Choose to play roles in events, which don’t essentially go hand in glove with your degree, that challenge you out of your comfort zone and enable you to acquire a different skill set. So if you are doing marketing, offer to coordinate the specifics of an event such that you learn more about logistics.

Or if you are doing Psychology, pick a marketing role such that you could play with your professional views and see if they can be utilised in a marketing or branding situation. For an Accounts or History graduate, learning people skills and team skills in your spare time could be of prime importance.

For most employers, it’s not just participating that counts but taking a leadership position or measurable role that makes the difference. So if you did not win the role to be the president or secretary then become part of the organising team. Learning opportunities are sprinkled everywhere, you just need to think creatively. It is very easy to go to an interview and say all these things. But unless you are able to demonstrate it with examples it is not going to convince your friends let alone a hard-nosed recruiter.